Aura Carbon Heater

Advanced Carbon Technology

Carbon Fibre is well known for its technical attributes including high stiffness, high strength, high chemical resistance, low weight, low thermal expansion and high temperature tolerances. Advances in Carbon fibre technology have allowed for the engineering advanced heat producing emitters that are both highly effective and highly efficient.  The addition of sealed quartz glass and specialized gases reduce the operating temperatures and increase the effective life.

More importantly, the high performance carbon fibre emitter lamp achieves full heat output within seconds and produces a a warm low soft glow. The radiant output from the Aura Carbon CF Series heater is optimized to be higher radiant efficiency then a medium have infrared heaters (long tube heaters) and less visible light then short wave heaters.

Aura Carbon CF Series Heater provides performance and comfort with low visible light. 

Aura Carbon Heater Technology